The Poppit! Show

The Poppit! Show 3.0

The Poppit! Show is a balloon-popping game and a puzzle-adventure

The Poppit! Show is a balloon-popping game and a puzzle-adventure.
This is the downloadable version of the game from Electronic Arts that can be played online at

You can play this game in 2 modes, Classic and Pop TV, each with several levels. As you progress, you will unlock different studios and 7 magical power-ups.

You begin by creating a character. You´ll have to input your name and the avatar you wish to use to identify your player.

You´ll have to compete in a TV Show. You must win in six stages to advance to the next level.

The goal of the game is to click over groups of two or more adjacent same colored balloons, that will then burst and release prizes. The balloons underneath will then fill the spaces left by the bursted ones. You´ll get a Super Pop prize if you click on a group of 8 or more balloons.

The prizes give you point, and special power-ups. Each TV show in which you win will unlock new power-ups. You don´t need to burst every balloon to win the stage, buy you´ll have to release all the prizes.

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